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One upon a time there lived a woman and her son, named Bandung Bondowoso. They lived       happily and peacely. One morning they talked together. Suddenly Bandung  Bondowoso asked something to her mother.
Bandung Bondowoso    : mam, do you not feel lonely if we just stay in this village.
Mother        : loneliness!. I’m not felt alone since I stay here, seem  I’m               
                                          really happy.
Bandung bondowoso    : yeah…. Mom may be you want to marriage again because you still beautiful, and of course many man will fall in love with you.
Mother    : what are you talking about son, I enjoy be a widow, so don’t be
                                          Worry please.
Bandung bondowoso    : I’m sorry mom, but you should have a partner.

Mother        : I no need a partner, that should have a partner is you my son
Bandung bondowoso    : don’t think about me mom, I want to ask you something but I’m
                                          afraid will make you angry.
Mother    : why you should afraid of me, if you want to ask me a question, okey please
Bandung bondowoso    : actually I want to know about my father, who my father is? Is he still
                                          a life, I’m so confused about it.
Mother        : (mother just keep silent)
Bandung bondowoso    : why you just keep silent, do you angry with me?
Mother        : my son bandung bondowoso (sambil mendekat), it is the time you
                                          should know because you have be adult, and I hope you will
                                         understand it.
Bandung bondowoso    : what the matter mom?
Mother        : you father is still life and he is a noble, he’s at Telatah
Bandung bondowoso    : what!? My father is still life, so where is he now?
Mother        : it’s ok. if you want to meet your father, find him. But I just want to
                                          say, would you hear it?
Bandung         : yes mom.
Mother        : if you find him, kiss his sole of foot soon as appreciation for him, on
                    the way, you will meet many people, and each them will do anything
                    what they want, so, please do as a knight. Be patient face of the
Bandung         : ok mom
Mother        : one more, (take something inside). Show this to your father, to make
                                          him believes on you that you his son
Bandung        : thank you mom, so how about mom if I go.
Mother        : I will be fine here. I bless you son

(bandung bondowoso pergi dan diperjalanan bertemu dengan jin  dan berantem deh trus tu si jin bisa dikalahin ma bandung trus para jin tunduk sebagai budak budak dia, gitu)
After he walks for long time, he comes to pengging kingdom and to be a pengging’s king. And he wanted to expand his kingdom, and he want to unite the kingdom. Prambanan kingdom lead by a giant named Baka king. Knowing his kingdom will taked by bandung bondowoso. He prepare his soldiers,  prepare guns, and enough foods to againts pengging king
Baka king        : hei bandung bondowoso, if you want to take my kingdom, is not
                                          easy, Prambanan Kingdom is big, and I’m not agree if you mess my
Bandung bondowoso     : hahahaha…yes prambanan kingdom is a big but frequently I will take
                                          your kingdom and I be a king.
Baka king        : (cuih) it is not easy for you, step on my body first.
Bandung bondowoso    : what!! Step on your body? Haha clean the ocean by draining it I can do it.
Baka king         : crazy…! Let’s fight now.
Bandung        : with pleasure.
Bandung bondowoso and prambanan king fighting, and in fighting prambanan king had been dead by bandung bondowoso sword. Knowing prabanan king death chief minister of king back to prambanan king ad tell roro jongrang what happened.
Patih            : pardon me princess!
Roro jongrang        : what happened Patih, why you look so sad after back from the fight,
                                          Where is my father?
Patih            : (menunduk) I’m so sorry princess, Baka king….
Roro jongrang         : father, what happen with him? Do you bring bad news about him?
Patih             : yes, princess
Roro jongrang        : where’s my father? Tell me, where is he?
Patih            : Baka king has passed away in the fight
Roro jongrang         : what did you say? Are you sure that my father was dead.
Patih             : yes, princess! I saw bandung bondowoso  stabbed him with his
Roro            : father (she crying)
When roro jongrang cying, bandung bondowoso come forward to her, he thought, who was the girl in front of him. Bandung bondowoso thought that this girl was baka king mistress.
Bandung        : what happen with you sweet heart?
Roro        : who are you? How dare are you come to my kingdom
                             without permission
Bandung        : hahaha who am I ? You don’t know me, I am a king ( dia sambil menelentangkan tangannya). I am bandung bondowoso, hahaha, you look so beautiful, will you marry me and be my wife?
Roro jongrang confused for answering his question (berkata dalam hati) bandung bondowoso was supernatural power man, it’s impossible if I refused him. But I was not loved him. I unknown him, but e wanna marry me.  Impossible!! He made me lost my father.
Bandung         : let’s accept me, I’m not too bad, I am so handsome, why don’t like
                                          me? Do you shy with me? What should I do for you?
Roro jonggrang     : ( sambil berfikir) like this, if you want to marry me, I have a
                                          requirement. Make me 1000 of temples in a night, if you success
                                          make it you may marry me.
Bandung        : hahaha you’re kidding, 1000 temples in a night? What will you do
                                          with 1000 temples? How if I make you 10 temples only?
Roro jonggrang    : no…!!! I just want to 1000 temples, just do it if you love me
Bandung bondowoso    : ok. I’ll proof you if I love you, I’ll make you 1000 temples in night, I        
Bandung bondowoso asked his jin, who had been subjected by him for help him. So they began to make temples, in another place roro   jongrang so confused about it.
Roro jonggrang      : how is it, bandung follow what I have commanded
Dayang         : of course princess, can do it because bandung is a supernatural
                                          power man, certain he fulfill your requirement make 1000 temples. 
                                         Now 2 o’clock and he will finished make it princess.
Roro jonggrang    : so, what should I do ? I wont marry him. He is not handsome , really I
                                         don’t like him.
Dayang        : so, how princess
Roro jonggrang     : ( mondar mandir di dalam kamar). Please make all prambanan people up, asked him for pound rice, burn straw close to the chicken cage. We make as if morning come. So, the jin will think that morning will come soon, of course they will escape, don’t forget to spread all kind of flowers.
Roro    jonggrang    : good idea princess
Roro     jonggrang    : yah dayang lets do it, don’t make it late!
Dayang        : yes princess.
( kemudian dayang menyuruh dayang lainnya untuk membangunkan semua perempuan. Suasana menjadi  ramai, ayam ayam berkokok dan jerami-jerami berganti bersinarnya matahari)
Jin 1         : guys !!look the sunshine over the east. We have to go know, if we
                                           stay here our body will burn by sun, weleh weleh
Jin 2        : but how with our work, one temple we haven’t make it. Where is  
                                          bandung bondowoso, we should be tell him about it. He will angry
                                          with us.
Jin3            : I don’t care about this work, I should go know, let’s guys….we go
((para jin pergi pada kabur))( dan esok paginya  bandung datang ke roro)
Bandung bondowoso    : roro jongrang I have fulfill your requirement, please marry  me
Roro jongrang        : really, you have success to make it? you’re sure?
Bandung         : yah of course my darling.
Roro            : I don’t believe it
Bandung         : are you not believed with me? Let’s see and account that temples.
Roro jongrang        : ok, but remember with your promise, if the temples are not  1000,
                                          you not marry me bandung
(lalu jongrang ngitung patung berulang ulang )
Roro jonggrang     : sorry bandung I have account the temples but the temples you have
                                          made less one.
Bandung bondowoso    : hah, are you serious? You do ot passé in math exam, you’re wrong, I 
                                          don’t believe you, and I’ll account it again.
Roro jongrang        : sorry bandung I have accounted it more than 10 times and I think
                                         the temples are only 999.
Bandung bondowoso    : ok, only one temple, and I have made 999 temples, so I think I’ll
                                         make it for you, after we married.
Roro jongrang        : no, bandung. That this not our agreement, you have failed bandung,
                                          don’t come to my palace anymore.
Bandung bondowoso    : I have made you 999 temples and this is your respond, jonggrang
Roro jonggrang    : ya, so what do you want? Tell to me that you lose, bad man.
Bandung bondowoso    : jonggrang!!!do you brave to mock me!!
Roro jonggrang    : yah like that
Bandung bondowoso    : jonggrang! You make me angry. I have try to be patient to get you
                                          but its useless. No problem I’m not marry with you! But the temples 
                                          less one and I think proper complete the temple is only you
                                          jonggrang! Be a jonggrang temple as my king decoration.
Jonggrang        : aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (jonggrang jadi patu

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