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Senin, 27 Februari 2012

Modul pembelajaran kelas X1

Tell me about it, please!
1. Spoken Cycle 
 A. Build up you knowledge
Activity 1: Discuss briefly with your partner!
  • What do you see in the picture 1?
  • Can you give a short definition of the object?
  • Tell more about it: the part of the body, the functions and behaviors.
  • What about the object in picture 2?
What is Report?



One upon a time there lived a woman and her son, named Bandung Bondowoso. They lived       happily and peacely. One morning they talked together. Suddenly Bandung  Bondowoso asked something to her mother.
Bandung Bondowoso    : mam, do you not feel lonely if we just stay in this village.
Mother        : loneliness!. I’m not felt alone since I stay here, seem  I’m               
                                          really happy.
Bandung bondowoso    : yeah…. Mom may be you want to marriage again because you still beautiful, and of course many man will fall in love with you.
Mother    : what are you talking about son, I enjoy be a widow, so don’t be
                                          Worry please.
Bandung bondowoso    : I’m sorry mom, but you should have a partner.